Nizhal Koothu

Storytelling is an art which plays an important role in conveying message and convincing others. A good story facilitates and encourages people to pass along a message. It stimulates word-of-mouth. So you will have to tell stories to sell, demonstrate, and learn or to be entertained.

“Nizhal Koothu” is a new content creation company from Chennai specializing in film, video and photography production for advertising, documentary, entertainment and corporate communication. We have the strong potential to create any type of content from idea to final project.

Having a set of motivated, skilled and creative professionals, Nizhal Koothu offer its clients best value in terms of customer satisfaction, quality and cost effectiveness. Our team contribute to every phase in the production process right from conceptualizing, designing to finishing, therefore producing quality work.

We tell your story in the best way. As per your need we give more thoughts in developing a proper script that reaches out to your audience and speaks to them in words that they can relate to. We use modern film making techniques. Our International experience with unique strength of local knowledge brings cinematic and creative visuals.