More than ten years experience in Film and TV Productions. After finishing my film study in Film and Television Institute of Tamilnadu (FTIT) –Chennai, started working as assistant Cinematographer in Tamil films including “Dasavathaaram “and also associated with making of many commercials.

Then, I have moved to Mumbai and started working as a Cinematographer for many Production houses. I have Shot-n-Numbers of corporate videos for colleges, Five star hotels, hospitals, factories and many more...I have shot a vast variety of travel and food shows for the travel channel called travelxpHD in Mumbai- India.

For such various projects, I have travelled all over India and aboard like Hong Kong, Dubai, Sri lanka, Maldives, Seychelles, Thailand, Indonesia, Mauritius, Jordan, Cambodia and Belgium.

This diversity of experiences has given me the potential to start an individual film and TV production house... Nizhal Koothu!!!

Experience in AD Film Making

I had been associate with ace cinematographer Mr Ravivarman for TV commercials like New Saravana Stores, Saravana Selvarathnam Textiles, TMT Muruku Kambikal, JFK Furnitures, Saravana Jewelleries, Samagan, Sri Kumaran Jewellers, Naturals Juice, Gold Winner Oil, Srigold Dhal and Many more.....

Experience in Television production

  • I have worked as Cameraperson for Travelxp HD, India’s first 24/7 High Definition Travel channel since Jan -2009 till June 2012 in Mumbai; I have shot a myriad variety of travel and food shows as a cameraperson for this channel. The shows which we produce are about exploring a given destination in every possible manner, capturing the sights, people, cultures, monuments, foods, best hotels, festivals and other activities - in India and abroad. Most of the shows are in anchor based format but some are in documentary format as well, where visuals of the destinations take up the screen space and Voiceovers does the explanations.
  • I have shot many episodes of travel show called “48 hours in transit” for a Mumbai based production company called “Nirvaana productions”
  • I have been shooting many corporate videos for different companies..for eg - a textile factory called “young Brand apparels”, promotional video for the Collage “Vels University –and driver training videos for Bharath benz.
  • Shot around 150 episodes of studio based reality talk show called “Vaimaye vellum” for a Tamil TV channel “ Vasanth TV” as DOP.
  • I have shot a Tamil Short films like “Journey back home”, Pinju ullam, Kudimagan.
  • I have shot a Tamil video album (singles) called “Kaadhal cappuccino”, Kadhai sollum kannadi.
Experience in film making
  • Associate Cameraperson
    Film Director Cinematographer
    “MAHOTSAV” Bijuvishwanath Bijuvishwanath
  • Assistant Cameraperson
    Film Director Cinematographer
    “Dhasavadhaaram” K.S.Ravikumar Ravivarman.S
    “Maskovin Kavery” Ravivarman.S Ravivarman.S
    “POI” K.Balachandar Bijuvishwanath
  • Have done the making
    Film Director Cinematographer
    “Kanda Nall Muthal” Priya.V P.C. Sreeram
Educational Qualification

  • D.F.T (Diploma in Film Technology) - First Class with Honours
      FTIT - that comes under Government of Tamil Nadu, India.
      Specialized in Film and T.V production.
  • B.A. (Bachelor of art)
      Tamil Language
      University of Madras, Chennai.
  • M.A. (Master of art)
      Advertising and Public Relations
      Kamaraj University, Madurai.

  • Best Photography Award
      Received from Director Mr. R.V. Udhayakumar.
      Film Institute Photography Competition
  • Palaniyappan and M.G.R Memorial Endowment Award
      Received from Director Mr. K.Balachandar.
      Overall Performance @ FTIT
  • Tamilnadu State Award
      Received from Honourable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Mr.M. Karunanithi.
      Overall Performance in Final Year